Solar Panels Made From Cellulose?

solar panels

solar panels Solar power is brilliant for the environment, but solar panels are not particularly environment friendly.  The whole manufacturing process is jam-packed with chemicals and waste products, and the panels themselves will inevitably sit around in a pile once they are no longer producing electricity. However researchers are working now on making better solar panels — and one group has made solar cells partially out of cellulose.

Essentially, this is at the peak of green tech: solar panels made from trees. Even better, these solar cells are able to convert sunlight into energy at a respectable level of efficiency.

Once the lifetime of the solar panels is over, you can then just place them in water and the cellulose part will eventually dissolve. Although in essence it is a fantastic idea, the researchers are yet to come up with a solution for protecting them from the rain.

For more information on solar panels made from trees please click here

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