The Many Benefits of Green Roofing

green roofing systemWhen the time comes to install a new roof on the home, consider green roofing rather than traditional materials. Green roofs, often referred to as eco-roofs, are roofs which grow vegetation. A Flat Roof of this type tends to be a park or landscaped garden and is referred to as an intensive green roof. Extensive green roofs feature drought-resistant vegetation and grasses and tend to be sloped between 5 and 20 degrees. Roofs of this type are very beneficial in urban areas when parks, gardens and things of that nature are limited significantly.

The major advantage of a green roof installed on Flat roofing is the expansion of green space in an area. The amount of things which can be grown here will astound many. In addition, it provide a natural habitat for animals, those who have lost their homes due to building developments. An environment is provided which encourages wildlife development and increase biodiversity. Green space also helps to remove greenhouse gas emissions.

Many turn to a green roofs as the roof provides thermal and sound insulation. The building will stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter and yet carbon emissions won’t rise and energy bills will go down. Conventional hard roofs tend to reflect sound, but a green roof absorbs it which is especially helpful for those buildings in urban environments.

A roof of this type helps to protect the roofing membrane. This means the roof won’t need to be replaced as frequently. This saves the property owner money on roofing costs and helps to protect the environment as fewer roofing materials will need to be manufactured.

A green roof minimizes storm runoff and alleviates flooding. The roof retains more rain than conventional roofs do which reduces the heavy runoff typically see with rains. This runoff is what leads to localized flooding and is also responsible for placing an added burden on a sewage system. The green roof drains this water at a slower rate so more stays in the natural water cycle, rather than in the sewage system.

Consider the above when determining if a green roof is the right choice for you. The initial cost is higher, but many find it to be a money saver over the long run. It’s one roofing option which should not be overlooked.

Green Roofs

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One response to “The Many Benefits of Green Roofing”

  1. William Fraser says :

    Green roofing is one of the best ways we can fight global warming! Nice article!

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