Roof Slates

Dating back many years, the roof slate is one of the most popular roofing types available. Slating offers a multitude of advantages and can also look visually appealing. Because of the sheer number of choices available, a modern consumer has a multitude of different options when looking for roof slates. Here is an idea of the choices you have when looking for roof slates:

Original Slate – Nothing can compare to the look of an original slate roof. It is called an “original slate” because this type of roofing is made of stone. Because it is made of stone, it will last a very long time (100-150 years). However, it is very expensive because it is made of stone.

Sustainable Slate – Made of composite materials that are environmentally friendly, this type of slate uses bonds which are designed to hold hot air in from the sun. The sunlight is thus able to heat up the home, which is useful for cold climates. Sustainable slate is named such because it provides a viable alternative to many other types of slate that aren’t as environmentally friendly.

Wood Slate – Another highly attractive option, wood shingles are designed to look nice and repel water at the same time. They are also very inexpensive and are a great option. However, wood shingles tend to rot very easily over time and will not last very long.

Asphalt – This is one of the most common form of shingles that are on the market today. Rubber composite shingles are what you will typically see on your home. They are laid down individually, and fastened to the roof of the home. A gritty exterior to the shingles is used to repel water and keep the water from out of the roof. Because they are cost effective and durable, they are used in the majority of homes. However, they do not offer the same aesthetic benefits as other shingle types.

Graduated Slate Roof – Varying in thickness, graduated slates are designed to create a checkerboard appearance. There is also a variation in thickness and other designs. There is also a smooth transition between the roof tiles which makes the roof look more fabric. Style varies from largest to smallest, and the slate is given a “sorted” appearance which makes for a very interesting pattern.

If one of the choices described here suits your tastes, then perhaps you should contact a roofing services company. Whether your roof is old, your home is new, or you are recovering from storm damage – it is very easy to find the right shingles for you. Roofing is an old fashioned art and it requires a lot of skill and patience. Shingles take a very long time to install and must be done by a skilled professional. Slate roofs are expensive, but it is worth it in the end when you have the favorable results you would like. So, consider having a slate roof installed on your home today and you will most certainly be glad for the results.



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