Pros and cons of solar energy have prevented this free energy source from sweeping the world as many predicted back in the mid- to late 1970s. Today’s systems are far superior to those from decades ago. You may be surprised by the new technology that make these systems more economical to install. There are two types of solar panels – PV and Solar thermal

Pros and Cons of Solar Energy

In a world where fossil fuel has become a four-letter world, turning to alternative energy sources is no longer simply a desire to be more environmentally friendly; it’s a growing necessity in order to no longer be dependent upon foreign oil and reduce emissions.


The biggest pro for solar energy is the fact that the sun and the energy it radiates are free. Additional advantages include:

The uncertainty of home fuel oil prices and the constant fluctuation in pricing makes the general public vulnerable and at the mercy of high oil prices.

The negative environmental impact that’s the result of drilling for oil and the end result of burning fuel oil makes solar power a very attractive alternative. With solar power, you know what your cost is up front – the purchase and installation of your solar unit. Other than the need to buy replacement batteries every ten or fifteen years, you won’t incur constant energy expenses.

Sell back revenue is possible with solar energy. One of the best advantages to using solar energy to power your home is that you can sell any excess energy back to the power company. This can be a factor in off-setting your initial investment.

Solar energy is one of the best clean, renewable and sustainable energy sources.

The green initiative to push the green industry forward is helping to advance solar power to be far more efficient than the first photovoltaics used to produce energy a decade ago.

Another new technology allows solar cells and panels to collect enough energy to power your home even on cloudy days. This is a major break through that came about over the past couple of years and is helping to reshape the solar industry application. You no longer have to live in a sunny area to benefit from solar energy.

Gone are those ugly large panels. You can now purchase attractive solar roof tiles. If you have clay styled tiles on your roof, you can replace them with solar designed tiles that look like the real thing.


Cost: The initial outlay of cash is a big investment. This is true for the majority of the systems. You need to explore all of your options before committing to a system.

Location: You need to live in a sunny location to rely on solar energy. This is a necessity with the majority of systems currently on the market; however, there are a few companies that claim to have developed cloudy-day friendly solar panels. With new technology being brought out onto the market, you need to stay on top of the latest developments that becoming available to consumers.

Just 1% � Solar Panels And Electricity In The UK



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