The Green Deal

The Green Deal was introduced in October 2012 to help business and home owners emply more green technologies in their properties at an affordable price. The concept of the Green Deal is very straightforward; to install new green technology into your property without having to pay up front costs. Once the green technologies are installed, the owner then pays for it through their energy bill over a set time period.

This is not like a conventional loan as the bill stays with the property long after the tenant move it, and not with the bill payer.

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Green Deal Facts:

  1. The Green Deal is essentially a very cheap loan scheme to pay for energy-saving measures which will make the UK more energy-efficient.
  2. Why is this being done? Firstly, our homes suffer from a shocking amount of heat loss. Secondly, Britain has ambitious targets for cutting carbon emissions, and the Green Deal is an important part of meeting those targets.
  3. The golden rule of the Green Deal means the amount you save on your bills will always be greater than the cost of the energy-saving measures.
  4. The cost is absorbed into the future energy bills of your home and paid back over time.
  5. An estimated 26,000,000 homes could be eligible for Green Deal financing.


For more information on the Green Deal visit:


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